Ohtopia sells stunning superior handmade Borosilicate glass adult products. Our goal was to create an elevated logo that was unique to stand out from their online competition and would last the test of time.


“Each piece is handmade by a glass artist in the USA. While there is a high degree of consistency between pieces, no two pieces are exactly the same… and dichroic glass designs that shimmer in the light.”

– Ohtopia

To highlight their brand and represent a wide client base, I chose to design something to be more gender-inclusive. The mandala represents oneness with the universe, giving a more holistic and grounded identity within the vast marketplace.

Gold was chosen as the primary logo embracing the core ideals of compassion, courage, passion, and prosperity while adding a touch of glamour.


When creating any website a shortcut icon is a must! It will help your customers to identify your website from the competition.

The most common places you see these are on your phone, website bookmarks, and on your website’s browser tag icon. For an average user, it will be a great help in recognizing your brand when someone has multiple tabs open!


123 Half Sour Lane
Hillsboro, OR 97006

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